Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wear and Share Star Wars Day Tomorrow

So it has only recently been brought to my attention that tomorrow is "Wear and Share Star Wars" day in honor of the little girl, Katie, who was teased because of her love of Star Wars.

As you can tell by the nature and title of my blog and the fact that I proudly call myself a Geek Girl that I am a Geek. But, like Katie, when I was young I was told I was "weird" and "strange" because I, too, liked Star Wars stuff and other "boys'" toys.

I had thought, in this more enlightened age, that we were getting past some of the old gender stereotypes and restrictions but Katie's story has shown that we have not and are not.... yet.

So, in honor of Katie, everyone is encouraged to proudly show off their Geeky sartorial style by wearing any Star Wars or other geek culture apparel and also to buy at least one Star Wars toy or other sci-fi toy and donate it to a toy drive of your choice -- whether that be Toys for Tots or a community toy drive for your city or town or even your church (if you be religious).

I don't happen to own any Star Wars clothing items (having become somewhat jaded and cynical about George Lucas... but hey, that's MY hang up) and all of my lovely, lovely comic book t-shirts are thin and made for summer wear and it's winter where I am now so they're all packed away. BUT I do have a number of pins and buttons featuring superheroes so I will adorn my scarf and jacket with those tomorrow.

The geek culture is always held up to ridicule and yet you would be surprised at how many of us are out there and we embrace all kinds. We are Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (both classic and new), Doctor Who (both classic and new), we are fanstasy, Sci-fantasy, dark fantasy, horror-fantasy, flat out horror, Gothic, Steampunk, Tesla Punk, Sc-Fi, Comic Books, Superheroes, and much, much more.

We are geeks and we are proud of the fact and we will not hide and we will not stand for the world telling us or anybody else what we should or should not like.

So join me tomorrow fellow geeks. Show your true colors and let's help stamp out the practice of teasing others for not bending or bowing to society's conventions.

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