Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Cooky With It: Almond-Apple Grilled French Toast Sandwich

New Recipe Experiment a SUCCESS!! Almond-Apple French Toast Grilled Sandwiches.

Prepare egg batter as you would usually for French Toast (I like to do mine with a couple of eggs, a little skim milk and a heavy dose of cinnamon and nutmeg).

Take two pieces of bread (your choice)

Spread Almond Butter on both pieces of bread (Can use Peanut butter if you like but I made mine with almond butter)

Take one apple (your choice, I made mine with Gala apples), thinly sliced.

Place one layer of sliced apples on top of almond butter on one of the slices of bread. Put bread together as if making a sandwich.

Dip whole sandwich in egg mixture.

Fry over low to medium low heat in skillet (basically, you don't want to flash fry this -- you want it to end up toasty and golden brown on the outside but with the almond butter and apples in the middle to be gooey and warm).

Serve with syrup, or a cinnamon syrup or dust with a light cinnamon-sugar mixture.


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