Friday, June 17, 2011

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Season 1 Addendum

Since in my previous Season 1 review I didn't recommend any episodes which featured host segements I considered good I thought, through the magic of YouTube and some like-minded posters there, I would include a few of the better Season 1 host segments.

First up: A general fan favorite -- "Servo hits on a blender". This one is pretty much word-for-word a recreation of a host segment from the KTMA days.

Second up: "The barbershop skit". This one is another 'do-over' from the KTMA days but unlike the "Blender" skit this one was slightly re-written and expanded from the KTMA version.

And finally: "Tom and Servo Swap Heads". Honestly, the ending to this one is a bit of a let-down but the build up makes me laugh.

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