Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Serious (and a Little Political) for a Minute

You still have time to back out because here's something that I've just got to get off my chest.... and I'm one of those gosh-darned liberal hippies.....


One of the two things in this life that is certain if you believe the old adage.

Now here's the thing....

Everyone is fighting over taxes. Everyone bitches about taxes. Everyone would like to find a way to pay fewer taxes.....

Except me.

No, I'm not lying here.

Am I happy when I get a refund on my taxes at the end of the fiscal year? well, yeah.

Do I wince a bit when I have to OWE money to the government at the end of the fiscal year? Well, sometimes. Depends on how much I owe and what kind of thing I may have had my eye on for purchasing for myself in the near future. Or how much I may have had to shell out recently for car maintenance or like things.

But I don't bitch about it endlessly. And I don't go out a seek tax loopholes I can exploit so that I can pay LESS taxes.

And do you know WHY?

Because I've got all I've ever asked for.

I never asked to be rich. I never thought I would EVER be "rich". I probably never WILL be "rich"; and those are the plain and simple facts.

When I set off to find a career all I ever wanted was a good job, a decent place of my own to live in, enough money for food and to pay my bills, and to afford transportation in the form of a car.

I have all those things and I have had them for years now.

My taxes run the government. My taxes pay for upkeep on the roads I drive on. My taxes pay for the police who protect me and others in my community, the firemen who will be there if I ever need them and who are there when others in my community need them, the teachers who teach in the schools and even though I don't have kids of my own I recognize the importance of well educated generations to come. My taxes pay for my mother's Social Security checks and my mother's Medicare. My taxes help to feed those who aren't as lucky as me in having a job that meets all my needs. And my taxes go toward programs which help those people get into better jobs or get more education so that they can move up in the world and then maybe have their own dreams met.

So.... I guess what I'm trying to say is....

I'm ready and willing to actually pay MORE in taxes if it means keeping up services and infrastructure and a safety net for those less fortunate than me. My attitude is that if you have more than enough then it's fair to pay what you can to help those who DON'T have enough.

Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have friends and family to help out when needed. Non-governmental charities do what they can and go as far as they can but they can't cover everyone and they can't be everywhere at once.

I'm willing to pay my fair share and I'll do so gladly. I don't care. I'm not bitching about my tax rate because I have what I want out of life and anything over and above that the government is welcome to in order to keep things running.

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