Thursday, October 6, 2011

"The Blob" Trivia

Here are a few interesting extras.

In the movie Creepshow the film segment titled "The Lonely Death of Jody Verrill, has a certain kinship to The Blob. Although the Stephen King short story the film segment is based on was supposedly inspired by another short story by H.P. Lovecraft there are certain similarities in that the somewhat dim-witted and poor Jody Verrill is infected with the alien plant when he touches a meteorite that lands on his property. Just as the presumably poor old man is consumed by the Blob after he pokes open the meteorite that lands on his property.

More recently, Spider-Man 3 also seemed to have a little tribute to The Blob. Peter and Mary Jane are out in the park together when they see a meteorite fall to Earth nearby. The meteorite proves to contain the Venom Symbiote which initally appears to be a black, blobby substance. The scene echoes the beginning of The Blob where Steven Andrews and his girlfriend Jane are out in the woods when they see the meteorite containg the Blob fall to Earth.

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