Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finishing the Race at the Start

So, last night I picked up the final issue of the Flash: Rebirth miniseries and my final verdict was.... It was okay.

Looking at these posts so far you might think that I was a huge Flash fangirl. Well, surprise! I'm not. Not really. Not a big fan of the characters necessarily but it's not like I hate them either. To be honest, probably my favorite out of all of the Flashes is the Jay Garrick version... mostly because most writers depict the character as a kind of 'Universal Uncle" or "Grandfather" and, they succeed quite well because the character does tend to remind me of a couple of beloved uncles.

With this mini-series the story never really seemed to grab that much traction and give readers many of those "Holy $%&*!" moments that we love.

On the flip side, though, this final issue did give us a couple of quiet moments with the character of Barry Allen which were genuinely sweet and gave us a real feel for what is going to drive the character in the upcoming ongoing series.

So, for what it's worth -- not a bad read overall but nothing that ever reached a point of slamming you back in your chair and make you go "WOW!!!" as you read it.

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