Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I said we would be startng with a Flash...

And so we are. THE Flash. The DC Comics character... or at least one of them anyway.

Next week marks the (much delayed) conclusion to The Flash: Rebirth comic book mini-series -- the series which returns the character of Barry Allen to the comic book universe.

In honor of this occasion I'm planning on reviewing the entire live-action Flash TV series from the 1990's. Each night a new episode until we run through them all.

I'd like to think I have something of a unique viewpoint because I watched this series when it was first run but back then I wasn't a comic book geek. In the interveneing years I've gathered quite a bit of useless comic book knowledge that I can put to work here.

Therefore, I'm going to be reviewing the episodes on a number of levels -- first, on how well written and acted they are (of course), second on how well they have withstood the passage of time, and third on the comic book roots.

So starting tomorrow night... on your marks.... get set........

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