Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicago! Day 2

So Saturday was when the rubber hit the road. The exhibit hall was packed with people, there were even more comic book bargains galore and, of course, more costumes...

Like this girl going as the Marvel heroine Domino

And here's Marvel's "Merc with the mouth", the certifiably insane anti-hero Deadpool!

Yet another two from Marvel... a kind-of Black Cat -- jewel thief and sometime Spider-Man girlfriend and Dark Phoenix -- the power maddened version of the heroic mutant Jean Grey.

Again with the Marvel characters -- this time the heroic duo Cloak and Dagger.

And now for something different -- Dr. Horrible from Joss Whedon's Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog as well as Horrible's archenemy Captain Hammer.

Here's a father and son team with the dad as Indiana Jones and the kid as Luke Skywalker circa Empire Strikes Back Dagoba training montage.

Another father and son team -- this one with a theme with the dad as the Green Hornet and the son as faithful valet Kato.

Moving into DC Comics territory (sort-of) we have a Green Lantern vs..... Skeletor?! Eh, just go with it.

Batman's longtime nemesis the Penguin showed up... and yes, that is indeed a REAL rapier hidden in the umbrella shaft.

The one is spot-on but a little more obscure... In an issue of Grant Morrison's All Star Superman Superman gave Lois a very special birthday present -- a serum that allowed her to have all of his powers for one day. He also provided Super Lois with her own costume -- seen here.

Now I'll admit I'm not a big fan of the recent redesign of the Wonder Woman costume BUT the girl who put this together shows that it actually kind of looks better in real life than it does on the page and I have to give her major kudos for putting this costume together in only a short time since the redesign was only released a few months back.

Whew! After all of that we might need a doctor to help us recover. Is there a doctor in the house? Oh yeah, there's one....

Or should I say there's 10 since this is the 10th Doctor and his companion Rose.

And look, there's another one!

The newly minted 11th Doctor. Fish fingers and custard anyone?

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