Thursday, March 3, 2011

Knitted Stuff... Yet More!

I'm working my way through the Doctor Who serial "The Aztecs" but I've been busy so the review isn't ready yet.

In the meantime, here's more knitted stuff that makes me wonder... WHY?

The description of this states that it is a "perfect" addition to a sleeveless outfit.

Ummmm Dear Description Writer -- in case you haven't noticed.... this... "shrug" (seriously, they say this is supposed to be a shrug)... IS sleeveless!

Really, what is this piece keeping warm? It doesn't come up high enough to keep your neck warm, it's split in the middle so if you're wearing a top with a deep scoop neck or a v-neck (as the model is) it isn't keeping your chest warm, and it's sleeveless so it isn't going to keep your arms warm either.

It isn't long enough to be called a vest and in point of fact it ends up just kind of looking like... well... a bib.

The thing of it is that this design would actually make a rather nice vest. If it were longer and then worn over a shirt or blouse it would work rather well. As it is... why would you bother to knit this?


  1. I have often wondered about these things too. It is kind of pointless to put a sleeveless sweater overtop of a sleeveless dress / top / etc.

  2. Well, I could kind of understand that if you had a dress or top which was a little low cut and might not be appropriate for all situations and so you might button a sleeveless sweater over it to cover up the cleveage but this item doesn't do that.