Friday, April 15, 2011


You ever find yourself just going through your day and... noticing... stuff?


Last night, on my drive home, I passed by a rather large-ish house in a nice neighborhood full of large-ish houses. In the driveway were two child-size backpacks -- one red, one pink, and I thought to myself of how much that seemed to suit childhood. Two kids, not to be sterotypical but probably a boy and a girl, and they come home from school and immediately drop their educational burdens in favor of play.

They were nowhere in sight but the fact that they abandoned their bags in the middle of the driveway spoke to me about impetuosity and immediacy. They saw something -- a friend (or friends) who called them over, a dog or a cat maybe, something interesting or cool that caught their attention and the bags were simply dropped rather than being taken inside. Heck, they didn't even take them into the garage to dump them! No, at that point fun had become of far more concern than the safety or security of the bags and their contents.

A pair of dumped backbacks summed up childhood to me in one, quick glance as I drove by and I found myself smiling because it reminded me of the times when I was no different.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all occasionally just drop our bags of concerns, go play, and come back and deal with them later?

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