Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Compound Geekery's New Mascot... Update!

In the absence of any suggestions for an internet handle for my new mascot I have opted to call her......


So, here's some backstory on Geek Dog.

She was rescued from a puppy mill... and for those of you unfamiliar with this vile, horrible practice, you can read about it HERE.

Geek Dog was acquired at only 18 months old and in that time had already been bred to twice. The vet at the rescue operation reported that she had been bred on her first heat cycle -- something that no reputable breeder does.

Due to her circumstances, Geek Dog was sadly irreperably damaged psychologically. She has some behavioral problems and a deficency in socialization skills.

In short, she's a dog that really doesn't know or understand she's a dog or how to be a dog.

She came to me recently when her behavioral problems became too difficult for her owners to deal with. Since that time I have been working with her to try to help her overcome her issues.

Periodically here on Compound Geekery I intend to give updates on Geek Dog and how she is progressing.

One of her problems is an aggressiveness toward other dogs when she is being walked on leash. So today was a first big step in that I sent her to doggie daycare. Initial reports are that she is showing NO aggressiveness toward the other dogs at the doggie daycare (yay!) but nor is she showing any curiosity toward them or a desire to play with them.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

I hope that, over time, she will start to learn how to play with other dogs and start learning the socialization skills she should have learned as a puppy.

And just to climb up on my soapbox for a moment...

If you are looking for a pet PLEASE consider rescuing one from a local animal shelter. These are often good dogs and cats looking for good homes and with love, attention, and training even bad behaviors can often be at least smoothed over a bit if not actually eliminated.

If you are determined to buy a purebred buy only from reputable breeders and check into the background of their breeding operations. Go to their operation and check it out for yourself. Talk to people. Get the straight dope.

Above all, beware buying from "pet shops" -- these often acquire their dogs and cats from puppy and kitty mills. Even if they say they don't get them from mills do some investigating, check into things, do not accept their word at face value.

Do your part to help stamp out puppy and kitty mills by refusing to support their operations.

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