Monday, September 19, 2011

The Jumpsuit...

Going to get a little... indelicate here for a time. There will be general discussions of female undress and bodily functions.

Back out now if you have delicate sensibilities.

So over the weekend I accidentally stumbled onto the blog Palid Stallions; dedicated to all things 70's. I spent a chunk of my more formative years in the 70's and early 80's so, although the blog is written by a guy, there's a lot there that this gal remembers not too fondly.

Among those things were the fashion faux pas of the jumpsuit.


I wore some jumpsuits in my day (kiddie size and style of course) and there was one big, tremendous drawback that no one ever talked about... Going to the bathroom.

There's nothing like all the time and trouble one has to go through to undo a whole host of buttons, belts and/or straps just to be able to relieve oneself. Not to mention the fact that, with many jumpsuits one is basically left in a state of near complete undress just to go to the bathroom. Yeah, there's nothing like the feeling of vulnerability that leaves you with in a public restroom.

So to the dead jumpsuit may I say... you aren't missed. And don't come back.

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