Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Requiescat in Pace

Two good people from the world of geek culture passed away yesterday.

One was Dwayne McDuffie -- who was one of the creative minds behind the independent comic book company Milestone and was the creator of the character Static for that company. Static would later be picked up by the WB and turned into the animated series Static Shock. McDuffie also wrote many comics for both Marvel and DC and he was a writer for DC's animation department -- contributing many scripts for the Justice League Unlimited series and, most recently, had written the script for the All Star Superman direct-to-DVD animated movie that was just released this week. Condolences to his family, friends and fans. He will be missed on many levels by many people.

The other was actor Nicholas Courtney who is best known for playing the character of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart on Doctor Who. Courtney acted in both theatre and television and, in fact, was still active up to his passing. Two years ago he reprised his role as the Brigadier for an episode of the Doctor Who spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures. He also did voice work for various audio dramas in Great Britain -- including voicing the Brigadier in a number of Doctor Who audios created by the company Big Finish. Condolences to his family, friends and fans as well. "Wonderful chap... all of him."

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