Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm tired, I'm busy as aitch-ee-double toothpicks, I'm a bit stressed around the edges, and it's beastly hot and I keep having to walk the dog I'm fostering.

In short, no time to think up clever little blog posts and no time to work on the next Grab Bag review.

The Grab Bag review is being held up by the fact that this was a relatively recent purchase DVD and I haven't even watched it yet (although I did see it years ago on PBS when I was younger) so I didn't know until I popped the case that this one is actually a double disk set. One disk contains the story as it originally broadcast and one disk contains an 'expanded and enhanced' version (by which I assume it has restored cut scenes and better special effects). So, wanting to give all fairness to the story I want to watch both versions before I write up my review... and I have no time to finish watching it all. So the next Grab Bag review will be a little late. And since I have nothing else to really say.... as my mom always says "Look for me when you see me coming."

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