Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buckle Your Swash....

I've been re-reading and trying to watch various versions of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Good old Sir Percy Blakeney was one of the influences pulled from by Bob Kane in creating Batman and, by extension, has now influenced probably more superheroes than you can shake a stick at.

After all, Percy was the first to have the "double identity" thing going -- presenting himself as an empty-headed fop when he was in reality a cunning strategist and a master of disguise, rescuing people.

And despite popular culture post-Zorro and superhero often wanting to give him a "costume" (usually either a hooded cloak and a mask or else a cloak, broad-brimmed hat and mask -- all in scarlet of course) he never actually wore a costume in the book or in either of the two movies I've seen.

Still, more on the Scarlet Pimpernel to come... I'm still trying to get my hands on some DVD's. In the meantime enjoy this from the musical version of the story...

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