Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comic Book Awwwwww....

Background on this:

Last weekend was "Nerd Prom" -- A.K.A., the San Diego Comic Con, the BIGGEST comic book and pop culture expo in the country. As was usual, the mix of Hollywood and comic books was on hand to shill the latest upcoming comic book movies.

This clip, however, comes from a Q & A panel about the upcoming Green Lantern movie starring actor Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, A.K.A. Green Lantern.

According to reports, Reynolds had indicated backstage that he didn't want to say the famous Green Lantern Oath (which has been part of the character for decades) on stage.

All that, however, went out the window when a little boy stepped up to the microphone and asked "What was it like to say the Green Lantern Oath?"

THIS was Reynolds response....

LOOK at the expression on that kid's face. Reynolds just made his week with that. And I have to agree with the actor -- that kid is just the cutest...

It was a classy thing to do and really, the youngest comic book fans out there are the treasure... and I can say this as someone who put comic books into the hands of a kid before they were even technically able to read and as a result they're still reading comics.

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