Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't Piss Geeks Off.


The so-called Westboro Baptist Church (read: Fred Phelps's crazy little cult/con artist ring) announced earlier this month that they would be doing their little picketing spiel not at a funeral for a change -- tormenting the grieving -- but at the San Diego Comic Con. The biggest comic book and pop culture show in the country. Their accusation was that we comic book geeks "worship" superheroes so of course we're going to hell. Oh, and some comic books "support" homosexuality by having homosexual and bi-sexual characters in them.... so we're all going to hell for THAT too.

So the well-known idiots and hate mongers made a fatal mistake. They let the geeks know they were coming. Geeks are like Batman... given enough time to prepare they can come up with a plan to take down anyone. And the Westboro Baptist Church? C'mon, that's a pushover.

And they proved it.

The small group of Phelps adherents were FAR outnumbered by the geeks dressed as superheroes, Storm Troopers, Darth Vaders, Buddy Christ (from Kevin Smith's Dogma, look it up), Starfleet Officers, Anime Girls, and even a Bender from Futurama who supposedly chanted "Bite my shiny metal @$$". They were outmanned and outgunned with signs that ranged from "Satan's Cake is a Lie" to "Kill All Humans" and the Westboro bunch conceeded the field in defeat after only about 45 minutes of "protesting".

And this is why you don't mess with geeks. We can out-creative you and we can out-snark you.

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